Born and raised in western Kansas, Craig has brought the small town work ethic to Johnson County.  After graduating from the University of Kansas in 2002 Craig decided to settle in Johnson County and has lived in Gardner since 2008.   Seeing the unlimited possibilities in front of Gardner and his desire to make this city better, along with the hometown feel, are what attracted Craig to this wonderful community.  Helping others has always been a hobby of Craig’s.  In 2011 Craig started a basketball club to help youth athletes perform and compete at the highest levels and has since grown this club into Kansas City’s top youth basketball program and connected it to the top High School program in the country.   Craig was not born into the construction business, after purchasing and rehabbing a house for a close friend in 2011 he saw the opportunity to do more for families needing a place to live.   Well, two years and 15 homes later Craig decided it was time to add building homes to his portfolio.   Building, Growing and Making Things Better are want he strives to achieve.

Hobbies: Coaching and Teaching Basketball, Designing Homes, Helping Others

Favorite Smell: The smell of popcorn in a basketball gym

Interests: To be apart of the growth and to provide homes, living and attractions in Gardner


From the architect and design team, to you and your project manager, we believe the creative process is a collective one. The greatest expressions of creativity come when everyone involved contributes their best toward the project. This collective approach combined with an iterative design process, serve to bring about a final product that is truly one of a kind.

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